Welcome to GABS!


Next Meeting:
11/05/2021 @ 12:15pm

Tentative location is the outdoor awning at commons, facing the physics building

3 / 26 / 2021

The GABS Symposium is today! Click on the “Symposium 2021” tab for the schedule, a link to the online platform gather town, and more.

What is GABS?

The Graduate Association of Biological Sciences (GABS) is a Graduate Student Organization (GSO) that promotes research and career advancement for training biologists at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). Our goals are to:

  • Provide a symposium for graduate students to share their work
  • Award travel grants for professional conferences
  • Address the concerns and issues of graduate students within the department

This group is open to all graduate students within the Department of Biological Sciences at UMBC.

Monthly Meetings

GABS meets on the first Friday of every month! Be sure to check your UMBC e-mail for the specific time / room number / virtual meeting details.